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Stages of Document Management

An effective document management system is intended to ensure consistent process management through communication of key business principles, methods, strategies, and practices. The objective is to provide the right people, with the right information when it is needed.

Document management is foundational to an effective quality system. Why do many organizations struggle with such a basic component of quality assurance? Let’s identify the stages of document management and look at the challenges.

Each stage presents unique hurdles to compliance with applicable standards and business requirements, thus introducing complexity. 

Here’s how QMSC

cloud-based software helps


Draft & Review

Document Approval

Version Management

Change Requests

Obsolescence & Retention


Word or PDF files don’t offer an effective collaborative experience and can be difficult to navigate through the comments. Document review meetings can be useful but are time-consuming. And, stakeholder schedules can delay review and approval.

Dropbox type systems lack user prompting and reminders. Without this functionality the approval process is often inefficient. Email methods also fail to promote engagement. This can result in noncompliance or lost revenue and profitability due to incorrect process management. Some document management systems require sequential reviews in the approval process. This can delay review.

Hybrid or paper-based methods of document management don’t offer revision control and, rely on constant monitoring to prevent the incorrect version of a document from use.

Change requests are lost or not made. The change review process is not clear, or the new process is not fully implemented. A full account of revision history and details are often lacking in.

Some of the most common audit findings are use of old or obsolete documents. These issues have real business impact. Documents saved to a computer desktop or printed and stored in a desk drawer for quick reference highlight the need for easy document access. But when the process revised, these old files often are not replaced with the correct version, resulting in non-conforming product and practices.

How QMSC Helps

QMSC ensures collaboration during each stage of document management. Users can comment and interact in real-time to post questions, suggest corrections, or discuss process improvement. These communications are maintained as part of the historical record for each revision of the document and are available reference later.

QMSC overcomes this with in-app and email-based notifications that contain links to the specific reviewing activity. Past-due reviews are escalated and highlighted in auto-generated regular reports to management. Nonsequential review process can be used to ensure no single person stops the review process.

Web browser or mobile access to documents offer an efficient and reliable access. Users can favorite their most frequently accessed documents for quick reference.

A simplified change request (DCR) tool is integrated in the document management system. DCR captures reason for the change, scope of revision, and impact. An implementation plan for successful introduction of the new process results from the DCR. Open change requests trigger regular reminders which are sent to the document owner and key stakeholders. 

Regulated industries require document retention for historical purposes. Obsoleting and archiving is simple with QMSC. User access control grants retrieval of archived documents to the process owner, when necessary. Access of the current and correct version is available to all users, all the time. This results in compliance and reduces non-conformances.

QMSC Document Management Value


Simplicity and ease of navigation using a web browser or mobile device


Improved user engagement and collaboration


Big-data powered


System flexibility


Ensuring compliance

Key Capabilities


Process Owner


Supply Chain Quality or Manager

Business Principle



Access archived or obsolete documents

Access current version documents in a web browser or on a mobile device

Assign documents to my employees for review and monitor their progress

Assign documents to my suppliers to review and monitor their progress

Collaborate with others using the document management system

Complete review and approval using a flexible and nonsequential process

Get notifications and reminders when I have something to review

See escalations when reviews are stalled

Monitor engagement on a user to user basis

Request a document change

Review and action DCR

Tag documents to “My Favorites” for quick access

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